On November 2, 2020, during the 16th Session of the Global Promotion Committee of the International Programme on Landslides (GPC/IPL) 19 new World Centres of Excellence on Landslide Disaster Reduction (WCoE) for the next period 2020-2023 were approved – among them also the WCoE at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering entitled “Landslides in Weathered Heterogeneous Sedimentary Rock Masses such as Flysch”.

The newly approved WCoE (2020-2023) is a prolongation of the last WCoE (2017-2020) entitled “Landslides in Weathered Flysch: from activation to deposition”. UL FGG is actively being recognized as WCoE on Landslide Disaster Reduction since 2008!

The written report of activities of WCoE (2017-2020) will appear soon as a chapter in the Springer book “Sendai Landslide Partnerships and Kyoto Commitment 2020” in its Part II. Sendai Partnerships, Kyoto Landslide Commitment, and International Programme on Landslides.