The WorldRiskReport 2022 as a pdf document is avaialble here. Its focus was on digitalisation.
The report includes the WorldRiskIndex which calculates disaster risk from extreme natural events and negative climate change impacts for 193 countries and thus 99 percent of the world’s population, and which has been published annually since 2011, has been completely revised conceptually and methodologically for the 2022 edition.
Slovenia ranks #163 (out of 192 UN countries) with the WorldRiskIndex of 1.41 (the lower the better – very low risk is 0.00 to 1.84): vulnerability, exposure, and lack of coping capabilities are ranked very low (risk), and exposure and lack of adaptive capacities are ranked low (risk).
In 2021, Slovenia ranked #143 (out of 181 countries). The report’s focus was on social protection. The WorldRiskReport 2021 as a pdf document is avaialble here.