The LARAM School 2024 on landslides will be held from Monday 9 to Friday 20 Septemberin person @ Salerno city. The lectures and other activities starting at 9:00 a.m. CET. As traditionally done, the LARAM School will be based on:

  • an international application call,
  • the selection among applicants,
  • the final certificate of attendance to the students,
  • mandatory interactive participation of the students (to receive the end-of-School certificate).

LECTURERS – The list of the Lecturers, most from the LARAM Scientific Committee (, is available at

PROGRAMME – The programme of the School will consist of 6-hour daily lectures and end-of-day tests & One technical visit will be organized on Saturday 14 September (full day).

The programme is structured into the following sessions:

  • S1, Introduction to landslides
  • S2, Landslide risk theory
  • S3, Landslide modelling
  • S4, Landslide risk analysis and zoning
  • S5, Landslide monitoring and mitigation
  • S6, Landslide risk management and risk governance

The programmes of all the previous Editions since 2006 are available at

PARTICIPANTS: 40 selected PhD students & 10 registered Young Doctors (PhD defended not before 2019)

DEADLINE: 15 May 2024  <<<<<

Application of PhD students –

Registration of Young Doctors (PhD defended not before 2019) –


  • PhD students: 300 euro
  • Young Doctors: 450 euro


The selection of the participants will be based on an evaluation of the candidate’s curriculum – including academic performance, previous research experience and publications – and on the content of the recommendation letter(s) in relation to the PhD year, the field of expertise and the research topic.
Note. In exceptional cases, it will be allowed that some extra students, additional to the 40
The list of selected students will be issued by the end of May 2024.