An interesting open-access paper was published by Loheide S.P. (2020) in the journal EOS entitled “Collaborative Graduate Student Training in a Virtual World”, EOS is the science news magazine published by American Geophysical Union (AGU). The paper discusses how higher education is increasingly moving online, and presents a 3-year-old interinstitutional graduate student training program in hydrology that offers a model for universities to pool resources and expand course offerings.

The topis is further presented and discussed in an recently published open-access paper by Jefferson A.J. et al. (2022) in the journal Frontiers in Water entitled “Faculty perspectives on a collaborative, multi-institutional online hydrology graduate student training program“, Front. Water 4, 958094, doi: 10.3389/frwa.2022.958094. The paper presents the CUAHSI Virtual UniversityCUAHSI stands for the Consortium of Universities for
the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. (CUAHSI). The CUAHSI Virtual University (CVU) is a unique multi-institution, one semester graduate course consisting of a diverse set of 4-week modules on specialized hydrology topics. The CVU aims to enhance the depth and breadth of graduate course offerings at universities across the nation and facilitate networking among the hydrologic community.