You are cordially invited to celebrate the World Water Day in 2024, and join IAHR that is organizing a “Webinar on Water Engineering Pathways Towards Net Zero” on March 28, Thursday to discuss and identify what we know and don’t know about opportunities and threats associated to water engineering that need to be evaluated to guarantee that mitigation efforts can be sustainable. This online event brings together global leaders and experts to provide insight into knowledge gaps, opportunities and ways forward to achieve “net zero”.

Based on decades of research and scientific dissemination, IAHR experts from different TCs will share perspectives and stress the need for further studies on critical water-related issues to convey the interdependency between water and climate change mitigation.

IAHR Global Online Dialogue on Water Engineering Pathways Towards Net Zero
28 March 2024, Thursday
8:30am New York | 12:30pm UTC | 1:30pm Madrid | 8:30pm Beijing.


  • Elpida Kolokytha | Chair, IAHR Working Group on SDGs
    Introductory and closing remarks
  • Stefan Uhlenbrook | Director, Hydrology, Water Resources and Cryosphere Branch, WMO
    Study on Water Requirements of Climate Mitigation Measures
  • Anthony Slatyer | Founding Member, Water Policy Group
    Water and Climate Change Mitigation Inter-Dependencies
  • Tomasz Kolerski | Chair, IAHR Technical Committee on Ice Research and Engineering
    Ice research and engineering in relation to water and climate mitigation measures
  • Roberto Ranzi | Chair, IAHR Technical Committee on Climate Change Adaptation
    The role of interaction between river dynamics and the terrestrial ecosystem on the global carbon cycle
  • Gabriele Freni | Chair, IAHR/IWA Joint Committee on Hydroinformatics
    Climate change impact on urban water distribution and urban water demand (including the urban water–energy nexus)
  • Daisuke Nohara | IAHR Technical Committee on Water Resources Management
    Interdependencies between water and climate change mitigation in hydropower energy production by reservoirs
  • Ellis Penning | Chair, IAHR Working Group on Nature Based Solutions
    Nature-based solutions, a powerful “option” delivered by ecosystems
  • Michele Mossa | Chair, IAHR Technical Committee on Eco-hydraulics
    Energy supply from sea waves, currents, and tides
  • Panel discussion