The Brazilian Committee on Dams – CBDB organized DAMSWEEK 2023, with the XXXIV National Seminar on Large Dams – SNGB, II International Symposium on Rockfill Dams SIBE, in partnership with the Chinese Committees (CHINCOLD) and Spain (SPANCOLD) and the IV Technical Meeting on Incidents and Accidents in Dams – ETIAB.

A special session was organized one day before the official opening of the DAMSWEEK 2023 at Centro Universitário Dinâmica das Cataratas – UDC. On August 27, 2023, the Brazilian committee established their Young Professionals Network and became the 33th ICOLD country with an active YPF group. During their first meeting dr. Mateja Klun, current Chair of the ICOLD-YPF, was invited to have a speech on the activities and opportunities for the young professionals within the Young Professional Forum (ICOLD YPF).