At University of Ljubljana, we have recently signed an one-year agreement for a campus-wide licence for Dimensions, a product of Digital Science.

Dimensions is the world’s largest linked research information dataset. The starting page for this online tool is here. Using Dimensions we may keep track of information on publications, research funding, patents, and clinical trials for the University of Ljubljana research community, including our UNESCO Chair.

Summary from Vendor: In some ways similar to platforms such as Pubmed, Scopus and Web of Science, but with a much wider and more open scope, Dimensions is designed to help anyone involved in research to get more in-depth information about what is happening in their research area and how it changes over time.

Some examples of the ways in which it can be used include:

  • Discovery of the latest publications, awarded grant funding, clinical trials or patents on any topic of interest, worldwide.
  • Benchmarking of research organizations, funders, publications or researchers in a particular topic, or across all research activity.
  • Identification of new sources of research funding for future funding applications.
  • Connecting with research collaborators in your discipline.
  • Clear and unbiased analysis of UL’s research activity, and how it is changing over time.

If you access Dimensions from outside the university’s domain (off campus) then you will only be able to see publications information. This is the openly available free version of Dimensions. If you already have a free account, you will find that you are now able to access grants, patents and clinical trials data (as well as everything you are already used to), when you are logged in via UL’s account.

A limited number of licences were secured for two additional products:

  • Perspectives & Insights: The Perspectives & Insights app provides you with targeted insights on research organizations, their outputs, researchers, networks, and impact – including benchmarking and comparison analyses. These capabilities support university leadership and research managers working on research strategy and impact assessment and have been fine-tuned with more than 40 development partners. A short video is here.
  • Landscape & Discovery: The Landscape & Discovery app takes search-based discovery to wider horizons: You can convert search results from Dimensions Analytics into a visual discovery app – allowing you to visually explore up to 500K publications within minutes, making use of massive computational power and AI. A short video is here.