In the context of project “Enhancing climate services for improved water resources management in vulnerable regions to climate change: case studies from Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean” (CliMWaR), a UNESCO publication on best practices in flood and drought risk management will be developed.

Dr. Mikoš as an expert contributed to the UNESCO Webinar on June 8, 2021. The Discussion Note for the webinar can be read here.

This webinar for experts in flood and drought risk management from across the globe was organized to gather ideas, insights, and potential good practices to support the aforementioned UNESCO publication on Best Practices in Flood and Drought Management.

Experts were invited to share their insights on what works and doesn’t work for flood and drought risk management. Particular focus was given on the data challenges for various flood and drought risk management tools presented. The webinar was organized as a structured brainstorm session. The brief description of the challenges and potential good practices on flood and drought risk management tools, given below, may serve as basis for discussion.