AMRITA University in Kerala, India organised the International Symposium on IoT and ML for Ecosystem Restoration and Multi-Hazard Resilience (ISIM 2021) – link to the symposium is here.

Dr. Mikoš participated in the Panel Discussion on “Impact of Climate Change on Ecosystems and Multi-hazards: Challenges and Approaches”. His interventions are summarised here.

About the Panel Discussion: This panel discussion seeks to consolidate an improved understanding of the impact of climate change on ecosystem restoration and mitigation of related multi-hazards. Its goal is to identify key vulnerabilities of nations to climate change, in particular impacts on water resources, forests, coastal areas, agriculture, and health. There is also a need to assess and recommend techniques for adaptation to climate change and facilitate stakeholder participation. The focus areas for this panel are 1) to develop techniques and strategies for disaster risk reduction, sustainable restoration of degraded ecosystems, and reducing the interrelated effects of multi-hazards; 2) to analyze and provide innovative approaches to tackle the multidisciplinary impact of climate change on ecosystem susceptibility and monitoring of multi-hazards from the local to global scale; and 3) to formulate strategies for sustainable and optimum utilization of environmental resources and adaptation of modern techniques, such as IoT, AI, and ML, to protect biodiversity and enhance safety and food security across the world.